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As you guys can tell, this is noting more than a plain HTML text with no information at all. HTML is obsolete and way to hard to maintain. I need a good CMS software, either Joomla, was what we used when we had that very nice website up (I'll post a picture below.) about half a year ago before the webhost I was with, took the money and ran. Now I have signed a year contract with a major web hosting company so, we are here to stay! I still do not understand PHP so, I am going to have to hire a PHP coder or 2. It will be the same site but re-coded into a new version for up-to-date CMS, Joomla & Word Press, this will be around $100 for both sites to be recoded, uploaded, setup & installed.

Then after they fix it and upload it, I will have full access to all again but, to make it so much more easy for me, in return for a even better site than before but, the program is Artisteer 4 and cost is $129.95 but, that is a 1 time fee and I will have this for years to come and be able to do many website. Keep in mind, we own , and  it would be crazy to spend a lot of money to have someone else to code them all. Yes I must get someone to recode for me in Joomla and Word press, this will cost around $100 but, I will have 2 up-to-date files for joomla and word press.  Remember well have 3 site running new software that will be up and running for years.

Speaking of years, I have been running this clan for near 10 years and have spent $1,000's of my own money and now I am in the process of getting on physical disability because of major neck and back issues. Most you guys have jobs or access to money. I can not afford this myself or I would so, I am asking that any member who can, please make a donation of any amount. Our goal is $229.95 I do not expect one person or even a few to donate this much but, if we can get 15 - 30 donating decent amounts we should be able to get all we need to get our nice looking websites back along with a message board. I am sorry guys that I can not afford this but, you ones who knows someone getting on disability, they are broke. We really are lucky to be back online to be honest, now we just need the # listed above to get what we need. Below you will find a picture of what our old website looks like and a link to click to make a donation over the internet, it will show up as "EZ Computer Services" that is ok, that is my old biz name that I used when I use to provide computer services. If you do not have a debit card or credit card, contact me and we can line up a money order. If you donate and want you name listed as a person who donates, I will list it, even with the amount if you want it listed or not list it if you do not want to be listed.

To sum it up, we need our websites back very bad, I do not know PHP, I have no money to spare on this so, we may not have any thing worth a count like we should have without the help of fellow members, friends and supporters!



This is what our main website will look like again! Also with the software I can make even more designs for the others!


DONATE BELOW TO HAVE THIS AMAZING WEBSITE AGAIN ALONG WITH 2 OTHERS! Maybe more to come depending on how much comes in. Most of you have known me years and know I will not take your money and run, what I get will go back into our clan!